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Sevilla 1-1 Barcelona: Blaugrana Drop Points To Revive Real Madrid’s Title Hopes

Barcelona’s momentum in the Primera Division was punctured and Real Madrid’s title chances were enhanced on Sunday evening as Sevilla held the Spanish champions to a 1-1 draw at home.

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nieuwland144171d ago

barca shouldnt be dropping points at games like this

hendrikmaster4171d ago

messi's goal should of counted, that guy got busquets not the other way around

lukie1224171d ago

bojan has shown he can play first team action!

DavidLuiz44171d ago

Hes really good and Is Very Useful .. I hope He keeps on playing ..

KingsCross4171d ago

He for sure is a first 11-material. But, this Barca team is just filled with to many stars. Its hard for evryone to deserve a position in this squad.

RedDevils4171d ago

If I were Bojan I should start consider joining another club, and many of the elites club would pay top dollars for my service

DavidLuiz44171d ago

I know a youngster like Bojan could do better some where else .. not on that fealty bench like always .. He needs to leave where he can play and help ;)