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110°'s Champions League Preview: Manchester United - Marseille

More Champions League action this week sees Manchester United - who failed to pick up an away goal in France - play hosts to Marseille. While some feel the French side have the advantage of theoretically only having to score one goal, others remember how difficult it is to score at Old Trafford...

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nieuwland144169d ago

marseille only have to score one goal and then man u have to score 2! so come marseille

hendrikmaster4169d ago

are you kidding me, marseille wont even have a chance man u are unstoppable at home. this could easily become 3-0!!!

zootang4169d ago

Some people on this site are delusional. Just hope you are still playing champions League football next season.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand

zinedine4169d ago

if marseille play defensively, they could maybe win on penalties...

DavidLuiz44169d ago

I bet Manchester Will Win this .. If Rooney Is playing