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Manchester United Agree £25m Deal for Everton Star

Everton youngster looks likely to be swapping Goodison Park for Old Trafford but will not be the only new face. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has agreed in principle to sign Everton youngster Jack Rodwell for £25million in the summer.The deal is expected to be £20million cash up front, with another £5million in add-on clauses.

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no_more_heroes4279d ago

why are they paying £25m for an unproven youngster who's still a work in progress? He's good, but not £25m good.

KingsCross4279d ago

Seams like a lot of money, considered they accuse Chelsea for beeing spenders...

sokrates4279d ago

I might remember some guys yelling when Rooney was bought from Everton as well... I think Sir Alex Ferguson knows what he is doing:)

Yi-Long4279d ago

... and very rarely do they actually live up to the expectations that come with such a ridiculous price-tag.

Often because they're too immature and not professional enough to behave themselfs like they should when they're off the pitch.

Personally, I think one of the most exceptional and biggest talents on european fields right now is Arsenal's japanese youngster Ryo, who is now on loan at Feyenoord.

KingPin4279d ago

"unproven youngster" how long have you been a man utd fan for. clearly not very long.

Sir Alex has an eye for talent. and then he develops that talent. Rolando was not the superstar he is prior to joining man utd. neither is chicharito. but with time, Hernandez will be the next player worth 80mil.

if Sir Alex is spending 25mil, there definitely is something that he can see in Rodwell that makes that seem a fair price.

no_more_heroes4279d ago

1. He's not worth that much right now

2. Not a Man Utd fan. I prefer Arsenal and Barcelona, other than that I 'try' to be neutral.

genocidegeneral2154279d ago

dont rate the player
he'll be another sub and nothing more