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Tottenham Hotspur To Wear New ‘Space-Age’ Shirts

Tottenham Hotspur will wear a specially designed shirt next season that will measure player fatigue alerting manager Harry Redknapp to when he needs to make a substitution.

The Sunday Telegraph reports the American firm, Under Armour, who recently agreed a new kit deal with the North London club, will make the shirt with a computer embedded in each top.

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nieuwland144165d ago

this will be a great leap forward for football technology

zootang4164d ago

FA won't allow it under Radio freq rules.

hendrikmaster4165d ago

coaches can be way more alert if a player is in pain without the player telling him!

zinedine4165d ago

this is amazing technology. in a couple of years everyone will have shirts like these

KingsCross4165d ago

This is just stupid. The idea about football being played in the same way no matter what is getting harder to defend- considered all the money in the sport. I still think we should stick with the idea- and let football be football; not a NASA experienced high tecnlogy shit.

Mozilla894165d ago

While this sounds neat, I highly doubt it is the kind of stuff you'll see widespread. I think most coaches know when their players are tired.

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