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EPL: What Top Teams Need To Do To Win Over the Next 10 Years

Bleacher Report: Big teams cannot afford to just think about finding success for one season. Instead, they must think not just about the next season, but several more seasons after that as well. So, how do the top Premier League teams find this sort of sustained success? Here a few of my thoughts on how the current top six can find their way to the top, and maintain their position there.

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nieuwland144174d ago

they all just need fresh young talents that can stay with the team for a few years

hendrikmaster4174d ago

agreed, they players that can mature and become a key part of the team, like wilshere.

zootang4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

United under 25:
Rooney, Nani, Valencia, Rafael, Fabio, Smalling, Gibson, Johnny & Cory Evans, Wellbeck, Cleverly, Hernandez, Lindegaarde, Obertan, De Laet.

DavidLuiz44174d ago

Agreed .. Wilshere is Now Something Big For Arsenal Football Club ..

KingsCross4174d ago

Only fresh young talents makes it hard to make sucsess. And a club without sucsess has a tough job to keep the best talents when they start to play good football. Thats why it ends up like its all about the money. Arsenal has done great, though. Wengers job has really impressed me.

Mozilla894174d ago

I agree but I think that is only true in terms of small/medium clubs. Big clubs will be able to keep most of their homegrown talent if they are good enough to get regular playing time.

I'm sure Gourcuff would have stayed at AC Milan if they had given him first team experience instead of loaning him out to Bourdeaux with a clause to buy.

RedDevils4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Sometime you'll need a mix of talents, that also including the already made stars to be success for a decade to come, if not you're just another club that only dream of winning a piece of silverware