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FIFA Open To Hawk-Eye Goal-Line Technology

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke admits Hawk-Eye goal-line technology will be considered if the system's developers guarantee a 100 per cent success rate.

Football's governing body have previously been reluctant to use video technology to settle on-pitch disputes.

But they seem keen on taking the Hawk-Eye idea further.

Speaking to, Valcke said: "The decision is, do we extend the tests, which we at FIFA are ready to do and ready to pay for? Maybe we will do the next tests in England and in a stadium.

"If something is working then why not? [FIFA president] Sepp Blatter was clear to the executive committee by saying if there is a system that’s working we have to accept it."

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KingsCross4163d ago

The game of football is loosing face by introducing Technology to be a part of the game. I just hate that!

The Hunter4163d ago

I dont agree.. The importance is to big! I will speak you later when your club has made a legal goal in a final and then it will not be given by the ref (like lampard - england) You will be pissed off!

zootang4163d ago

Goal line technology will never be used. Instead we need a 3 challenge video ref. Tennis has it, Rugby has it and cricket has something like it.

The Hunter4163d ago

This is still in the testphase, after all they will say it is not accurate enough. This will always be when Blatter is still there!