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Lionel Messi: Barcelona, Real Madrid & Chelsea Are Favourites To Win CL

Lionel Messi believes that Barcelona are the favourites for the Champions League along with Real Madrid and Chelsea.

The Spanish champions face Shakhtar Donetsk in the quarter-finals of Europe's premier competition, while Madrid take on Tottenham Hotspur with Chelsea facing Manchester United for a place in the last-four.

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Sahil4166d ago

Yeah.. messi you're totally right, see even he knows it.

zootang4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

He knows we are the only team that can beat them and he is scared. Doubt just makes us stronger! Chelsea haven't even won a champions league, lol. The bookies tell a different story.

Chelsea have never, ever! Won the European cup, says it all.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

kulka4166d ago

Oh come on why would he be afraid of United he knows Barca would destoy them like they did 2 years ago

zootang4166d ago

Destroy? Did you watch that game? Barca clearly had the ref like they did against Chelsea.

zootang4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

Destroy? Did you watch that game? Barca clearly had the ref like they did against Chelsea. We hit the post twice and had a penalty, destroyed lol.

Bitter scousce, nothing changes. Would you not prefer us nothern folk to be doing better than London. If it helps, I root for Liverpool over any London Team. I'm Actually from Manchester as well but I bet you are not from Liverpool!

Sahil4165d ago

Stop with the ref shit, accod. to you the 2009 final was a set-up wasn't it. if chelsea goes thru SF in CL, it wud also be a set-up. even fergie knows it would take EXTRA-SPECIAL to beat barca.

If berbatov didn't got a goal today against bolton.. you would've been blaming Andre mariner.

Give them a Break.

zootang4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )


Southern scousce, you should be ashamed! Us notherners stick together against London. I guess you are not from up north?

It's alrite when people say it about United but not about other teams, strange?

kulka4165d ago

zootang I did watch the Barca and United game United player ok for the first ten minutes then Barca just outplayed them from then on they lost because they were not good enough not because of the ref!

Sahil4165d ago

you are crazy, you are way off-topic.. do you even know what r we talkin about?

I didn't say that I love chelsea and want them to go thru. I want united to go thru and suffer at the hands of MIGHTY BARCELONA, get your yes checked.

FYI, am from newcastle(maybe it's in south in your map).

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kulka4166d ago

I must agree with him but Barca are overall favourites