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Manchester United Striker Set for £9m Juventus Move

Juventus and Genoa want to lure fed-up striker Dimitar Berbatov away from Manchester United.
The Italian clubs have spoken to Berba’s agent as the Bulgarian grows increasingly frustrated at being sat on the bench in favour of Javier Hernandez.

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kulka4159d ago

Why would top scorer of the Premier League leave for Yuventus for less than 20 milion their normal value is closer to 50 milions

RedDevils4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

why are you keep posting caughtofside why don't you go straight to failblog and post it, if you want some rumor or legit site that people will take it seriously go to BBC, or skysport and link from there hell even the Sun would be better.

OT: everyone know this is bullshit, why would United sell berba for 9m that is most stupid move ever!

ultramoot4159d ago

What a load of bull. "Fed-up" striker? What exactly is he fed-up of? ManU still leads the PL, and has a chance of winning both the FA Cup and CL. He's the leading goal-scorer in the PL as well.

no_more_heroes4159d ago

Even if this was true, there's no way Berbatov is worth only £9m. Man Utd overpaid for him, but there is no way he is worth less than £25m.

kulka4159d ago

I don't see him leaving United in the summer maybe next year if he would be dropped too often for his likings but sure why Italy there be teams in Spain and England paying good money for him

pramos824159d ago

Let he'm leave if u cant be a team sport and be a supporter for ur teamates then u dont belong in the red devils...

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