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Highlights: West Brom 2-2 Arsenal (English Premier League - 19/03/11)

1-0 S. Reid 3'
2-0 P. Odemwingie 58'
2-1 A. Arshavin 70'
2-2 R. Van Persie 78'

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crazyturkey4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

I want to punch Almunia in the balls, enough said.
Now, on the only positive note, Ramsey looked ok, so I'm glad.

no_more_heroes4276d ago

any idea when Fabregas, Song and Walcott are coming back?

crazyturkey4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

No Idea about Walcott, but I think I read somewhere that Song could be back for the next game.

On Cesc Wenger said that he could be back after the international break.

no_more_heroes4276d ago

I hope Almunia gets shot in both eyes with a shotgun and gets all his limbs sawed off. Maybe then he'll be of some use...

kulka4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Arsenal needs a keeper we all know that but a natural leader like Gerrard would be brillant for Arsenal they need someone who can lead them in diffculty someone with great expierence

zootang4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

And people say United are not playing well? What must that say about all the teams below us. We won with 10 men! Against a decent Bolton side (played well).

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Edit: Didn't mean to reply to you, wrong place sorry.

KonohagakureFC4276d ago

Yeah coz this story of Arsenal vs West Brom is totally about Man United

Sahil4276d ago

I think Lehmann would be in the 11 for the next game, that looks like it.

no_more_heroes4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

I have no idea why Almunia even exists. He's a waste of time, space, money and air. I'm pissed that my eyes and my brain have to waste effort in executing the process of sight that allows me to even see his sorry mug.

No seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME?! Are you phucking kidding me?!?!

sokrates4276d ago

Well said. I have no idea why arsenal exists. They blow it evry time they have the chance!

Sahil4276d ago

@ goldn_cannon: lol.. I think wenger should consider what you have written in the summer window, inspiring!

seriously.. Lloris, Neuer, shay given they would kill to be in arsenal.. I gues :)

zico4276d ago

Next match Lehmann will start, but he is to old! Arsenal have no good choices of goalkeepers.

ohahCantona4276d ago

he has been retired for one year now. I don`t believe he can come back on this level again.

RedDevils4275d ago

"Lloris, Neuer, shay given they would kill to be in arsenal"

I don't think they would be kill to be in Arsenal they rather join a better club, that doesn't blew their chances every so often lol

zico4276d ago

BTW great goal of Arshavin!

no_more_heroes4275d ago

the only real bright spot in the match for Arsenal.

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