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Wenger: Arsenal lack true leader

Arsene Wenger has conceded for the first time he has "no obvious leader" at Arsenal but insists the lack of a vocal, talismanic figure will not prevent his latest team from winning trophies.

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no_more_heroes4166d ago

No $#1+, butt-munch! FIX IT!!!!

kulka4166d ago

Agree Almunia is a joke if Szczesny was playing you would have won maybe Lehman would be better than Almunia

no_more_heroes4166d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

There is no number in existence that can encapsulate just how many times better a goalkeeper any random person on Earth is than Almunia.

Wenger should just terminate his contract, because no club with 1/10,000 ths of a brain cell would want to buy him for more than five pounds.

zootang4165d ago

Arsenal, the "nearly" team. We'll have to put up with the same rubbish next season aswell!