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Fergie: Nobody has our character

Sir Alex Ferguson believes nobody has the same character as his Manchester United side.

United beat Bolton 1-0 with a late Dimitar Berbatov goal, despite once again not performing to their full potential.

And Ferguson hailed his side's ability to win despite not playing well.

Sir Alex Ferguson had no complaints over the red card, which will rule Evans out of Premier League encounters with West Ham and Fulham, plus the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City at Wembley on April 16.

"Both players went for the same ball, with their feet raised, and Jonny caught the lad. Once you raise your feet you are putting yourself in a dangerous area. It was unfortunate but we cannot complain."

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lukie1224276d ago

And nobody wants your character!

Sahil4275d ago

you stole my thought.. lol

zootang4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Don't you boys just wish you would have won as many trophies in the last 20 years, lol. You just sound bitter. Like Keegan all those years ago! Your teams will come and go, United stand forever.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand.

Sahil4275d ago

haha, zootang is back.

zootang4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I'm back, baby! Not that I have been anywhere?

kulka4274d ago

United is currently in decline they are heavily indebted don't play any good football they have the character but were extremely lucky throughout the season lots of fer decision last minute goals were all common perhaps United won't be as lucky next season get kicked out of the top four there are teams in this league who are not as fortunate as United but play much better anyway
we will have to wait and see

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hendrikmaster4275d ago

Sir Alex is a top-class coach he will lead man u to victory!

KingsCross4274d ago

No point in discussing that. But he is an idiot as well. Always defending his players, even when his men is sending a Bolton player out for 6 months.
He get results, so his good. But, that man is carzy as well.

cozmo1954275d ago

nobody has you character 'cos no one wants your character :L

zootang4275d ago

Yeah! No one wants constant success for 15 years, lol.

cozmo1954274d ago

Alex Ferguson is a sore loser and think his team can do no wrong

also 15 years of success

Bill Shankly says hi

zootang4274d ago

Living in the past, mate. Sir Matt Busby and the busby babes were the first English team to lift the European Cup. World Cup winners in Bobby Charlton and Noby Stiles. Then we have the holy trinity in Best, Law and Charlton. Let me also remind you Charlton survived his team mates in the Munich air disaster and went on to become a leader for 50 years to come.

If you want to talk about history. What a history United have had!

kulka4274d ago

Liverpool still leads the history stats five European Cups
We also had our own tragedies which football world remembers