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Dissecting the Mario Balotelli Enigma: What Is Wrong with the Italian?

Bleacher Report: Mario Balotelli is a divine talent, of that there is no doubt. He has a big problem though, and that is his attitude. He is lazy, petulant and childish. So I’m asking, what exactly is wrong with him? In this article, I will dissect the enigma that is Mario Barwuah Balotelli and try and discover what is the cause of his bad behaviour.

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nieuwland142772d ago

He is too arrogant and self-centered

Yi-Long2771d ago

... plus he's an idiot, and he isn't good enough to back up that big mouth.

I still haven't seen him do anything that qualifies him as a great player or huge talent. Obviously, I haven't seen all his performances, but whenever I see him in a match, he seems to combine a mediocre performance with the general behaviour of a douche.

He's just an idiot. He's so fucking stupid he makes Zlatan look like an intellectual(!)