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Arsene Wenger's Poor Management Is the Catalyst in Arsenal's Trophy Failure

After a horror couple of weeks for Arsenal which resulted in the North London giants losing the Carling Cup Final coupled with eliminations from the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup. However the Gunners were still very much in contention to succeed in the English Premier League and their encounter with West Bromwich Albion posed as the perfect opportunity to stable their trophy desires.

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nieuwland144170d ago

Its amazing how he is still arsenal coach, they need a new coach with new ideas and tactics.

hendrikmaster4170d ago

Arsenal arent going to win anyway, man u!

Sahil4170d ago

He's a great manager but I don't understand one thing, why doesn't he spend on players(not like city) 1 class defender and goalkeeper, it would take 50m but it's for long-run.

cozmo1954170d ago (Edited 4170d ago )

yet again

Chelsea, manu and liverpool fans criticizing something but yet again

no aresenal fans :L

if you don't get the joke look at comments on

also comments from exactly same people in same order :L