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Highlights: Sunderland 0-2 Liverpool (English Premier League 20/03/2011)

0-1 Kuyt (pen) 34'
0-2 Suarez 77'

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cozmo1953867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Great result but i heard suarez is now injured?

The Hunter3867d ago

Yeah he left the match with a injury, but I think he is ok..

The Hunter3867d ago

Tetetetedede, Tetetetedede, LUIS SUAREZ!!

zico3867d ago

:-) Like it! Hope he`s okay and not injured!

sokrates3867d ago

:*) I remember you wrote about him before the world cup. He is great. Just sorry he plays for Liverpool.

zico3867d ago

it was outside, I agree, but I can`t stop looking at Suarezs goal!! He is the new man at anfield!

genocidegeneral2153867d ago

great goal from an impossible angle!
but i cant forgive him from what he did against ghana, but hey thats just me! lol

zico3867d ago

Don`t still blame him for that. many players had done the same thing in that situation.

I forgive him, and looking forward to see him in Liverpool the next years. I hope he can bring many titles back to Anfield were they belongs!

RedDevils3867d ago

@zico don't act like you're saint, you were talking crap about him before, now it ok cause he a Liverpool player that funny cause is pretty pathetic I would say :P

ultramoot3867d ago

Sunderland were very unlucky for the first goal. But the second half was Liverpool's to win. Andy Carroll is not yet up to the proper match fitness required, but he's a beast in the air nevertheless.

Luis Suarez.....what can I say? He's turning out to be one of the best EPL buys of the season. I sincerely hope he's not injured badly, and that the International break will be enough time for him to recover.

Jay Spearing was quite impressive, as opposed to his performances from the Europa League. But Gerrard needs to come back soon to stabilize the midfield and add creativity in going forward.

kulka3867d ago

Good performance from Livepool Suarez is a legend

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