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Highlights: Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City (English Premier League, 20.3.11)

1-0 Luiz 79'
2-0 Ramires 92'

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zootang4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Good result for Chelsea. They are right back in it now. As Sir Alex says, squeaky bum time!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Nightfallen4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

I'm sick and tired of you posting Man Utd crap on videos that have nothing to do with Man Utd, damn you piss me off.

Sahil4164d ago


Luiz should play as a Centre-Forward, it's funny how both came at the same time @ chelsea and torres is yet to score. But, once he does, he won't stop :)

zootang4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )


Double standards! So Poland and Liverpool can comment but not United? Get a life mate. I find it offensive that you single out me. You have a problem.

RedDevils4164d ago

I think Nightfallen need a mental check up, he should know everyone have the right to talk/comment, Nightfallen should of know this, if you don't like him just ignore him and don't act like some sissy is that simple

zootang4164d ago

Is there no free speech in Poland?

Nightfallen4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

@ zootang

I"m guessing you and RedDevils disagreed with me, it's funny how many agrees I have, looks like people really want you to shut up.

Now look, I don't care if you post this on Man United articles, but if there is an article that is about Wolves vs Birmingham, I dunno how Man U is involved.

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kulka4163d ago

@zootang Just stop posting In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand! we already know your opinion on this no point repeating yourself

nieuwland144164d ago

Yes come Chelsea still in the race for the title!!!!

zico4164d ago

too far up I think. The title is in ManU hands, but they can take the CL.

zootang4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Just to point out, never in the history of Chelsea football club. Have they won The European cup (Champions League). What makes you think this team can do it?

zico4164d ago

history is history. They have been close the last 6-7 years. One CL year have to be chelseas and maybe that is this year? They have good enough players to win.

Mozilla894164d ago

It feels great to finally beat Man City! With Arsenal slipping up we can start eyeing second place!

sokrates4164d ago

Shit. Chelsea is kicking back for real. I am glad they had their down period, if not United would have a hard time.

ohahCantona4164d ago

United also had this "down period", but strong teams take 3 points in these matches/periods as well. United will take the title home!

RedDevils4164d ago

We're just need to make sure they stay down, by beating them at Old Trafford, and have spur do us and themselves a favor by beating Chelsea and Arsenal to be in the top 4

karim4164d ago

Sideshow Dave strikes again...Starting to love Brazilians and Benefica !
P:S: @Zootang You say more shit than Sir Alex Ferguson EVER said.

DavidLuiz44164d ago

Hahaha! Lol :) ^

Thank You Karim .. Zootang Wont Shut up