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Would Cesc Fabregas Really Be a Necessary Addition to FC Barcelona?

It was the biggest transfer saga of the 2010 summer and it is bound to be once again the biggest story of the summer of 2011 in world football: Will Cesc Fabregas finally go back to his boyhood club, FC Barcelona?

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nieuwland144157d ago

He fits perfectly with barca's playing style, he would be the perfect transfer!

Flashwave_UK4156d ago

says the guy with the chelsea avatar

Yi-Long4156d ago

... they should, along with Arshavin and Van Persie.

Van Persie has never lived up to his potential, either because of injuries or because he's just too immature.

Arshavin has a bit of the same problem. Good player with flashes of greatness, but not really that consistent.

...and if you can get a filthy amount of money for Fabregas, you should absolutely sell him. You have young talented players like Wilshere and Nani, plus you could use some of the money on a player like Honda and/or Van Bommel.

kulka4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

nope they have Xavi Iniesta and others to fill for them Fabregas is one of the last transfers they need

zinedine4157d ago

Well, Xavi is aging and Villa is too...

Anderson84156d ago

when xavi retires they should get him.. but they have enough cover at the moment he wouldnt get in the team

lukie1224157d ago

I think he would be unnecessary!

sokrates4157d ago

agreed. Were should he complete Barcelona? I dont even think he would be on the first team.

Senden4156d ago

Planning for the future he is considering how old Xavi is and Iniesta isn't exactly young either. It would be advantageous of Barcelona to get him now and help mould him back into the Barcelona style. He's a perfect fit but it still takes time to adjust considering he left so long ago.

However in all fairness, I don't think Barcelona can afford him now with all their debt trouble.

jack_burt0n4156d ago

Well he has to go, sick and tired of his lacking dedication at arsenal.