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World Football: Ranking the Top 10 Asian Players on the Planet

There are great players from all corners of the globe. South American teams dazzle us with their flair and carnival football from Brazil and Argentina, European teams impress us with efficient, technical football from Germany and Spain and African teams compete through their strength and athleticism through Ghana and Nigeria.

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nieuwland144163d ago

Miyaichi is fantastic at Feyenoord I hope he will play at Arsenal and not just be a sub.

zinedine4163d ago

I highly doubt it, Arsenal give their youth confidence and let them play.

Yi-Long4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

...he's made a HUGE impression since day 1, and to think he's only 18, doesn't speak the language, just came back from a serious injury, and is playing in a team that was doing completely SHIT before he arrived.

I think he's the biggest talent currently playing on the Dutch fields.

Obviously, we'll have to see how he will develop further, but TBH, he could be an absolute sensation in a couple of years.

I'm kinda missing Young Pyo-Lee from this list. He was arguably South Korea's top player in the last Asian Cup, plus he always did well for PSV and Tottenham.

Great back.

hendrikmaster4163d ago

Ji Sung is a top-class player and was brilliant at the world cup!