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Mourinho confirms England return

Jose Mourinho has confirmed he will join an English club when he leaves Real Madrid, which he described as the "most difficult club in the world".

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zootang4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

From the man himself. He prefers english football, best league in the world. Must be boring for him to have only one challenge all season.

no_more_heroes4160d ago

call it two, since he plays them twice. Although Copa Del Rey and possible CL semi could make it five.

zootang4160d ago

I meant one team but yeah, at least he plays them a couple of times a season.

freeduck4160d ago

Which club will he go to? Would he go back to Chelsea?

A bigger challenge for him would to go to Liverpool and get us back to winning trophies.

Possible clubs: Chelsea, ManCity, Liverpool, possibly ManU but I don't think SAF is over just yet.


It certainly wont be Man Utd nor will it be Liverpool since Daglish is doing a great job.
I don't think Abramovich will take him back for Chelsea but who knows, I think this will be Ancelotti's final season for Chelsea if he doesn't deliver the Champions League.
There is a strong possibility he might replace Mancini at Man City especially if they qualify for the Champions League this season.
My money is on Man City.

KingPin4159d ago

you must not know much about the EPL. but it is said that the only job thats described as "mission impossible" is to manage man utd. the club and its fans are used to success. a new manager has no time to come in and "get a feel" for things at the club. the fans and the club owners want immediate success.

FootballZilla4160d ago

He said he wants to finish is contract which as 3 years left and then he is definitely coming back to EPL

Sahil4160d ago

MOURINHO to ARSENAL.. Damn sure about it.

no_more_heroes4159d ago

more like Manchester City. He does need money to spend, something which Arsenal won't be willing to give. They're still paying off the debt on the stadium and won't want to spend crazy amounts to get in the way of that.

ultramoot4159d ago

Is this guy a nomad or what? He might be the best living manager in today's football but he sure jumps around from club to club. He needs to chill out and relax for a while in one club.