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English Premier League: Top 5 Hit Signings of the January Transfer Window

The January transfer window has been a busy one this year with a number of high profile transfers.

This is proven by the fact that all twenty clubs were active in the transfer window with players coming in and going out.

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nieuwland144157d ago

suarez and luiz have been brilliant great buys!

lukie1224157d ago

David and Suarez have made a amazing first impression and they still have a lot of football years ahead of them.

freeduck4157d ago

I agree with the list and the order 100%

DavidLuiz44156d ago

Listen ... David Luiz !!!!!!!!

Idree4156d ago

Suarez and Luiz.

But yeah, Suarez 3 assists and 2 goals in 5 games is stellar!

karim4156d ago

1.David Luiz (because no one noticed him because of the Torres transfer)
He scored two crucial goals,created many chances...He's a ****** rock at the back !
2.Suarez....Incredible attacker,nuff said.