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2022 World Cup: High-Tech Way To Beat The Heat In Qatar

Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup by promising that its nine new open-air soccer stadiums would be air-conditioned. Now the Qataris have announced another cool twist to their hospitality -- an artificial cloud to hover above the stadium and provide shade.

The head of mechanical and industrial engineering at Qatar University said the cloud would be positioned by remote control and run on solar power.

Based on the design shown in local Qatari news outlets, the cloud isn't white and fluffy. It is flat and rectangular, resembling a giant cell phone, and will be built using light carbonic materials. Perhaps something was lost in translation from Arabic because the invention is more spaceship than cloud, but ultimately players and fans will benefit from the shade.

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nieuwland142769d ago

This is huge step in the technology of football!

zico2769d ago

yes if you have money! It`s good we can`t use money to buy a good national team, yet......

no_more_heroes2768d ago

Money is one Qatar definitely don't have a shortage of.

lukie1222769d ago

Qatar world cup will be unforgetable hope i can go there!

2769d ago
freeduck2769d ago

Yes Qatar World Cup should be really awesome. Their new stadiums and technology should make it interesting. I don't think anyone has to worry about the heat problem. They already confirmed that the stadium will be cooled.

Let's just see how Qatar's national team improves 10 years from now!

Mozilla892768d ago

Air conditioning in open air stadiums? Wow that is gonna be expensive, I'd hate to see the electricity bills. Still, this floating cloud thing looks very futuristic!

lukie1222768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

They still have 11 years to build it so...

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