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England Transfer Rumours: 20 Former "Big Four" Players Who May Move This Summer

Despite the famous "Big Four" now having all but disappeared, there are still remnants of the era that remain with each club still capable of attracting huge names.

This season has been far closer as a whole than many other seasons, and for the first time in a very, very long time each Premier League team has earned at least one point per game after 30 rounds of matches.

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nieuwland144161d ago

I highly doubt Chelsea will let our 3 icons go all at once.

hendrikmaster4161d ago

I think Berbatov will leave, Sir Alex prefers Hernandez and Rooney to him so he sits on the bench most of his games.

RedDevils4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Why would anyone want Berba to leave, Berba is full of class on and off the field. We don't need to sell any of our strikers, maybe Owen thats all

freeduck4161d ago

Some of the players listed will not leave their clubs. I don't think Chelsea will do a complete overhaul this summer and sell their top players.
Players that will definitely leave:

Konchesky, Cole, Aquilani, Bendtner, Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas, Owen

A lot of Arsenal players not happy after being eliminated from FA, Carling, Champions League. If Wenger does not win the title this year he will lose important players.

RedDevils4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Nasri and Clichy don't think that gonna happen, Unless Wenger have make up his mind that he don't want to win a trophy ever again