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Barcelona's Lionel Messi: One Day I Will Win The World Cup With Argentina

Lionel Messi has stated his belief that he will one day win the World Cup with Argentina.

The Barcelona ace is dreaming of success at international level having won every accolade with the Camp Nou giants.

The double Ballon d'Or winner seems certain that he will win the FIFA trophy in the future, as he prepares for the Albicelestes' friendly against the United States this weekend.

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nieuwland144158d ago

Argentina will have a strong team in a couple of years with messi, di maria, aguero, higuain all being just 23 years old.

hendrikmaster4158d ago

Messi will win the world cup in his career.

sokrates4158d ago

He might have 2, maximum 3 more world cups in his career. Its gonna be harder to win this trophee, so I doubt Messi will be world champion is his life. It all depends on quality and luck, Messi cant make it alone:)

Mozilla894157d ago

You think so? Argentina have a great attack but an okay defense. Don't forget that there are other up and coming teams like Germany who dismantled Argentina at the World Cup or Spain who are still going strong or the Dutch.

I think he has a great chance to win it at some point though, it is just that I'm a huge Germany fan :p

RedDevils4157d ago

first he need to score, not to mention winning. I haven't seen one goal from him in the WC

lukie1224158d ago

Messi will soon be captain of his country soon.

Mozilla894157d ago

I don't know...the best captain isn't necessarily the best player on the team. I can't see Messi being the captain type firing up the rest of the team to perform. He seems like the quite type who will perform best when all he has to worry about is destroying the opponent.

RedDevils4157d ago

A captain should be someone who can defend and attack, or someone who have a strong mentality that always talk to the team. With Messi he can read the game well but he seem to be too quiet which show he doesn't have the leadership quality to be a captain, for example Puyol, or Terry you can just tell they're leader

KingsCross4157d ago

I Guess you are right. His position is getting bigger and bigger. But, he is seldom speaks out. I guess his person isnt that much of captain material.

ultramoot4157d ago

He will have another 2 chances to win the World Cup. By the 3rd time, he'll be 35 years old and probably no longer in the national squad.