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Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas: Once Fernando Torres scores he will not stop

Spanish skipper Iker Casillas has no doubt struggling forward Fernando Torres will come good and return to his devastating early career goal scoring form.

Speaking to the press after Spain's 2-1 victory over the Czech Republic, the Real Madrid goalkeeper defended the atrocious form of the newly signed Chelsea striker, saying all it would take was the one goal to open the floodgates.

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kulka4274d ago

Yes Toress is a natural goal scorer I say that pressure of the 50 million is something he did not face before once he get's use to it he will score for fun

ultramoot4273d ago

Honestly, I do not believe in that. Yeah sure he'll score again. But his old form is gone. Too many injuries will do that to a player. He will score again occasionally. But I'm pretty certain he'll never be anywhere near as good as he was in 07-08.

freeduck4272d ago

He is missing Rafa's tactics and Gerrard partnership. He is not getting that in Chelsea