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Barcelona Cannot Afford To Pay €50 Million For Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas – Sandro Rosell

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has admitted that the club cannot pay Arsenal €50 million to sign Cesc Fabregas in the summer and he insists that they will not go overboard in their bid to recruit the midfielder.

The Spanish champions tried to sign the 23-year-old Spain international last summer but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger refused to budge in his insistence that Fabregas say at the Emirates.

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crazyturkey2765d ago

If only they would have saved the money they spent on Ibra.
This is good for us Arsenal fans, but sort of sad for Fabregas. He should just finish his contract and maybe then he can join Barca for free.

Leio2765d ago

Please elaborate the "..sad for Fabregas" claim ?. If any one is sad here its the Barca crowd for not be able to get him after over a year worth of bitching :/

crazyturkey2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I said sad because everyone knows that Fabregas really wants to play for Barca, because is the team he has always supported.

Leio2764d ago

Who said that ? Messi ? Pep ? Rossel? because Fahbregas never express anything about his love for Barca or want to move there its just the Barca crowd :/

FReeDoM4ALL2765d ago

Well then they should stop nagging him to come over then!

Hey, I want a Ferrari, but nagging non-stop does not mean I'm gonna get it on the cheap.

You want a quality player? Pay a quality price. If you can't then just shut up about it and stop demanding 'negotiations'.

RedDevils2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Barca is broke that why they keep wanting to buy world class players for a bargain price, but when they do buy they got rape i.e Ibra lol

zeddy2764d ago

if madrid buys and big player barca will have to do the same thing. madrid signed kaka and ronaldo so barca went out and bought ibra even though they didnt need him.