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Highlights: USA 1-1 Argentina (International Friendly, 27.3.11)

0-1 Cambiasso 42'
1-1 Agudelo 59'

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nieuwland144156d ago

USA are pretty amazing they beat Spain in the confederations cup, almsot beat Brazil in the final and now play 1-1 against Argentina!!

RBdrift4154d ago

No doubt the u.s. have gotten better compared to ten years ago but being dominated by Argentina who looked like they were playing at half there potential shows there far from amazing.

freeduck4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Yep, US played well as they were able to shut out Messi. Tickets were sold out too
MOTM: Howard

no_more_heroes4156d ago

completely forgot about this match last night and only caught the last 10 minutes of it. They defended well and gave Argentina some scares on the counter. Gonna go watch it on my 360 now to see how the first half went, 'cuz I heard that Argentina was on fire.

The US still holds the attendance record for the World Cup. So it's not that they don't care about football, they just need some real quality to watch. MLS has improved greatly over the past 3 years and clubs are now starting to fill their stadiums. Seattle Sounders had more people in their stadium than your typical Serie A club would when they played Houston Dynamo on Friday.

Nightfallen4155d ago

Yeah, it was pretty crowded over there, as I live only 20 minutes away from the stadium.

hendrikmaster4156d ago

Howard is an amazing keeper america are lucky with a keeper like that.

RedDevils4155d ago

Did Messi do anything in this match or did he put his invincible coat on?

freeduck4155d ago

Messi was probably the best one out of the Argentina squad. Argentina does not service Messi as well as Barca so he doesn't score as often

zinedine4155d ago

USA are growing and growing they might have a shot at a world cup someday.

DixieNormS4155d ago

I believe so my self. I live in the U.S. and I have seen a tremendous growth in their abilities to play and in how the fanbase is responding. Once more and more people start enjoying soccer here and actually begin to play and have their kids grow up with it. They (the U.S.) will be an unstopable force in soccer.

RBdrift4154d ago

The U.S. has a good team but seriously they have a lot of work to do before they get close at winning a world cup.
If people want to see a massive rise in skill in the united states then they need to add the promotion/relegation rule. That alone would enhance the level of competition and increase individual players' skill overall in each league. Tell then the MLS is still a joke.sorry.

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