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Liverpool's Luis Suarez: The Striker That Wenger Should Have Signed for Arsenal

Liverpool were languishing in the middle of the table and even the Anfield faithful had thought that this season was destined to be another failure.

However, with the appointment of Kenny Dalglish as manager, the club has been reinvigorated and enjoyed an excellent run in the Premiership—including wins over Chelsea and arch-rivals Manchester United.

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ultramoot4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

"Suarez could have played as a replacement for Van Persie if ever the Dutchman was injured....."

What? Suarez would be in the starting line-up of any team in the world except maybe Barcelona and Real. He's too good to play second-fiddle to RVP. And if Champions League was his only draw, he would've gone to Tottenham, who were also trying to sign him at the time.

You're making it sound as if he would've instantly agreed to be on the bench at Arsenal had they shown a slight interest, which is purely delusional on your part. BTW, didn't you people say the same thing about Torres when he signed for Liverpool back in 2007?

lukasbolander4151d ago

RVP is the best striker in the Premier league. Suarez has had two or three good games. And January signings sometimes play well for the first few months. It's like a honeymoon. Look at Arshavin.

ultramoot4151d ago

RVP is NOT the best striker in the league. He never was either. The best PL strikers were Torres, Tevez, Rooney, etc. RVP doesn't feature in that class. Even Berbatov is better.

sokrates4151d ago

Suarez would have been great in any club. So, evry manager should have tried to get him. Liverpool needed one, so they bought him. Logic?