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English Premier League Power Rankings: How the Table Will Finish

This year, the English Premier League has seen one of its best seasons yet.

The title contenders going into the year were more than usual, with six teams having a chance to win at the beginning but Manchester United has risen to the top.

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nieuwland144160d ago

I think if Chelsea play like they are playing lately for the rest of the season they have a chance of winning this!

zinedine4160d ago

I think it will be a three way race between Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United it will be close.

ultramoot4160d ago

Are you kidding me? Liverpool has a better chance of finishing 5th than Chelsea has of finishing 2nd.

4160d ago
Mozilla894160d ago

That's a fairly realistic prediction, although it would be interesting to see the fallout if Man City fail to make the CL again. Maybe some players will want to leave, I really like Silva.

This will probably be the best chance to make it because starting next year Liverpool are gonna be making a strong push to finish 4th and I think they'll succeed.