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Highlights: Netherlands 5-3 Hungary (UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifying: Group E - 29.03.11)

1-0 R. Van Persie 13'
1-1 G. Rudolf 46'
1-2 Z. Gera 50'
2-2 W. Sneijder 60'
3-2 R. Van Nistelrooy 72'
3-3 Z. Gera 75'
4-3 D. Kuyt 78'
5-3 D. Kuyt 81'

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crazyturkey2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

The second half was intense from both sides. This is the best international match I've seen in years, so great. Also I hope RVP is not out again.

no_more_heroes2763d ago

Didn't get to see the match. Did it look bad?

no_more_heroes2763d ago

Scratch my earlier comment. If the link below is to be believed, he's ok.

The Hunter2763d ago

Good to hear, just snatch it to submit it on the site :P

ohahCantona2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Didn`t see it, but hell what a match it must have been!

ohahCantona2763d ago

BTW: Didn`t know Van Nistelrooy was back again at the national team. 3rd goal excellent play and a typical "van Nistelrooy goal"!

zico2763d ago

Don`t understand this: Didn`Netherland beet Hungary 4-0 on friday? Why are these two teams meeting each other already 4 days later? Never heard about that before.

Netherland will win this group, Sweden 2nd.

no_more_heroes2763d ago

Same contestants, same result, completely different match. That's football.

I was confused myself when seeing previews for Netherlands vs Hungary. Before I saw it on multiple sites I thought someone had made a mistake.

Mozilla892763d ago

It just happened that they were scheduled to play each other home and away consecutively.

The Hunter2763d ago

Yeah not a mistake.. In the CL it is the same the third and the fourth match in the group you play against the same team Home and Away, but then there are two weeks between!

This was just coincidence that it was in one international week!

ultramoot2763d ago

Diiiiiirrrrrkkkk Kuytttt!!!!!!

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