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Spurs challenge stadium decision

Tottenham are to take the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) to court over its decision to award the Olympic Stadium to West Ham.

West Ham were named the preferred bidders for the site in Stratford last month as their proposal was deemed the best fit for the OPLC's criteria, with Tottenham planning to rebuild the Olympic Stadium as a football ground.

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no_more_heroes4150d ago

One of the things Tottenham fans love to goad Arsenal fans about is the fact that they're really a South London club that moved north into 'their' neighborhood, so I can't imagine them being happy with their club wanting to do the same kind of thing (that would be hypocritical). 'Stratford' Hotspur doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Because that's definitely what they'd be called. :p

crazyturkey4149d ago

I usually don't disrespect other clubs, but the Tottenham board are a bunch of bad losers. I think that the feeling is worse because they had all of their marbles in winning the bid and now they don't have a plan B.

GJ234146d ago

Terrible stadium. The pitch is way too far from the stands. It will have a dead atmosphere and supporters will need to take binoculars