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Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere To Become A Dad At 19

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere will become a father for the first time despite only being 19-years-old.

The England international is said to be ’shocked but delighted’ to discover his ex-girlfriend Lauren Neal is pregnant and is due in August.

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nieuwland144158d ago

A father at 19?, when he is 39 his kid will be 20?!!

Yi-Long4157d ago

... but if not, they might one day even play in the same team together! :D

Corepred44157d ago

why is it so shocking? kids are having kids these days.

silvacrest4157d ago

true, i read that a 12 yr old gave birth recently

hendrikmaster4158d ago

That's amazing! a young talent and a young father!

Anderson84157d ago

she trapped you.. its a trap!!!!!!!!

Mozilla894157d ago

he couldn't repel firepower of that magnitude!

no_more_heroes4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Ok, now I'm officially worried. Too much responsibility too soon. Unless it really is an April Fool's joke, in which case I should be ashamed of myself...

The source is the Daily Mail. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

-Mezzo-4157d ago

Hmm, i smell an April Fools Joke. if not then this is really weird, why would someone what to be a DAD at 19 "Assuming This Was All Planet & Not That Someone Forgot To Use The Protection".

silvacrest4157d ago

who said HE WANTED to be a dad?

WAG's have their reputation for a reason

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