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Messi kicks one ball, scores two goals

With 27 goals in 26 La Liga matches this season, it may seem like Lionel Messi has a supernatural ability to score. And that's because he does. Seriously, it's science.

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JobForARockStar4157d ago

With all due respect I have to RESPECTFULLY disagree. That wasn't really impressive at all. I mean I could do that and I suck at soccer. I'm an athlete too so I'm not just talking sh*t. I thought this was going to be something crazy not something an average person can do.

zinedine4158d ago

This is a brilliant piece of skill by the worlds best player.

ohahCantona4158d ago

right now he is the best player in the world. But he need to win the WC to be the best player ever. Still I think Maradona and Zidane is the best player ever, so you have a good username here at 11x2;-)

Stevo914158d ago

Its hard for him 2 win thw WC with a poor defence :(

news4geeks4158d ago

no no. that's stupid logic. It's the equivalent to arguing that emile heskey is a better striker than alan shearer because he won more silverware. I agree with you that zidane and maradona are the two best... after messi of course.

RedDevils4157d ago

@news4geeks Zidane + Maradaona have both won at least a WC, whereas Messi can't even score 1 single goal at the WC LOL

Sahil4158d ago

Ya.. Messi did mean to score them both :)

lukie1224158d ago

You could see he totally tried to do that :)

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The story is too old to be commented.