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Real Madrid to Offer £15m for Chelsea Striker Didier Drogba

Real Madrid are preparing to offer £15million for Chelsea striker Didier Drogba in a bid to keep Jose Mourinho as manager.

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nieuwland142760d ago

Drogba would definetly improve their team.

Sahil2760d ago

Hmm.. he could really go there, it looks like a good deal for both clubs!

Sahil2759d ago

Really, you want drogba to go, he still looks like a machine :)

DavidLuiz42759d ago

I mean Yeaa he is but we need new strikers that are young and in good form ;)

GJ232758d ago

Would be good for everyone. Drogba looks like he wants a new challenge, Chelsea can cash in on an ageing player and madrid will have more strike options