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Highlights: West Ham 2-4 Manchester United (English Premier League - 02.04.11)

1-0 M. Noble 11'(pen)
2-0 M. Noble 25'(pen)
2-1 W. Rooney 65'
2-2 W. Rooney 73'
2-3 W. Rooney 79'(pen)
2-4 J. Hernandez 84'

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zootang3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Premier League winners. Watched the full game on sky and what a fantastic comeback. People will still have something to moan about though.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!


How many times have we seen this from Man Utd, with our abysmal away record this season, this was a massive win and we're one step closer to our 19th title.

zootang3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I love the way we have always had that never give up die hard attitude. You would think by now people would learn to not rule us out.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

karim3665d ago

Lee Mason and Howard Webb will be fighting for Mufc's Player Of The Year award.

ad4mb3665d ago

haha, yeh sure mate... because im sure you brushed the fact luiz shoulda been sent off under the carpet. Like you were all saying back then, they even themselves out by the end of the season right? oh is that just when it goes your way.

karim3665d ago

@ad4mb That was the ONLY thing that went to our way ALL season and find it ironic you criticize referee's since they have been helping you since the start of the season.

DavidLuiz43665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Manchester United always Blame Refs... Thats there excuse every time .... Lucky asses

I still remember when David Luiz Scored that goal on ya and Patrick Evra was subbed becuase of how strong Luiz shot that ball into the right corner ... haha! Weak Devils and Sir Alex with his pathetic excuses..

Where is Zootang at ? He talks alot more shit than Sir Alex ... Lucky ass reds always Have some ref to help them or if they lose they blame it on the ref ....

Sahil3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

@karim: seriously, they wait for the ref to make one mistake against them, thy just go like crazy ma'fkas!

RedDevils3665d ago

hello last season remember or else this will be our 20th title this season not 19


Last season Chelsea won the league, and no, Man Utd are on 18 league titles, please tell me you know that.

Sahil3665d ago

lol, were you born yesterday :)

GJ233664d ago

He means if chelsea didn't have Mike dean in their back pocket last season then we would have won title 19 last season.

Seems ok for everyone to say Man Utd have bought off the refs and so on but look at some of the decisions your own teams get first

Anderson83665d ago

decisions havent cost you games this season.. your poor performances and buying a £50million striker have cost you...

cant wait to knock you out of the champions league!

DavidLuiz43664d ago

Aright , good luck with that ... Keep talking shiit :)

no_more_heroes3665d ago

West Ham's 2-0 and Man Utd's 2-3 pens shouldn't have been given.

Anderson83664d ago

whether intentional or not they were both handballs and should have been given

GJ233664d ago

He was talking about the Vidic trip (just) outside the box. Penalty against West Ham was harsh and shouldnt have been given, his hand was by his side and the ball was shot at it from about 1-2 metres away. Can't complain though, a goal's a goal

kulka3665d ago

Rafael kicked the ball against his hand but if United gets decisions their way all season then why shouldn't they now hope the competition will be stronger next season this is the worst United team in ages and yet nobody can take advantage

zootang3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Delusional! Rooney, Chicharito, Berbatov, Nani, Valencia in our attack. Do you just not know about football? We had 16 corners, they had 2 shots. We bossed the game! Go away you troll.

If, but, could have, might have. No! Just stop it. We are deserved league leaders. If we are doing so badly as YOU say, then how must that reflect on the other clubs below us. Simply better but can't win a champions league? Chelsea are a team full of old men. That is a dying team, we have a young team that has room to develop. Watch this space. So exciting to be a Manchester United Fan knowing we always have a chance! History repeats!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

kulka3665d ago

ok I admit United were much better today but they weren't throughout the season how many last minute golas did you get ?
if Chelsea did not have their mid season slump they would be top because they are simply better you were brillant today but not so good in other games this season

ad4mb3665d ago

lol, so all your saying is that united score last minuite goals so their either lucky or bad because of that? hows that so,care to explain...

Anderson83665d ago

@kulka.. performances dont get you points results do(ask arsenal).. we've been scoring last miniute goals for 15+ years its not luck its determination and quality

RedDevils3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

@kulka that called Determination my friend, you don't win anything if you gave up so easily, We United We never say die!

Sahil3665d ago

we united we never say die
we united we never say die

When you say this you know what we hear, WE UNITED, PISS ON US!

In Madam Alexis I Trust.

RedDevils3664d ago

@Sahil you sound like sore looser hahaa priceless :)

DixieNormS3665d ago

last minute goals. I forgot this is a 90 minute match. That is why you play the whole game not just the first half. Anything can happen. And guess what? Manchester plays all game baby. Just stop complaining.

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