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Manchester United May Accept £22m Bayern Munich Offer for Striker Dimitar Berbatov

Manchester United are reportedly considering selling top scorer Dimitar Berbatov to Bayern Munich this summer. The Bulgarian international has found himself warming the bench in recent weeks and has not appeared particularly happy about sitting out on the action given his prolific goals return and reports are filtering through that the Allianz Arena side are readying an offer of €25m (£22m) for the former Tottenham striker.

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nieuwland142974d ago

He should go he is barely getting playing time at man u.

zinedine2974d ago

I agree in the beginning of the season he was brilliant but now Hernandez is playing better, Berbatov is almost invisible.

lukie1222974d ago

man u just doesn't use him well, thats why he should leave.

hendrikmaster2974d ago

I disagree Berbatov is still brilliant for example his goal in 88th minute against Bolton that saved Manchester???

zootang2974d ago

We like to have 4 quality strikers. So we will keep him along with Owen. Berba Loves United he has already said he is happy to sit on the bench and finnish his career with us. He likes to mentor the other players. I hope he ends his career with us.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand.

GJ232973d ago

I have to agree with you unfortunately. He has too much class for fergie to leave him rotting on the bench. I understand Fergie wants to give the younger players more game time but there is no need to ignore Berba's brilliance

kulka2973d ago

22 milion is a lot for a bench warmer but he is a good player to good to sit on the bench so move would be sensible

GJ232973d ago

He is getting older. Would be a shame to see him leave but £22 mil would be a good return on him