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Highlights: Real Madrid 0-1 Sporting Gijon (Spanish Primera Division, 2.4.11)

0-1 Miguel 79'

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nieuwland144263d ago

Thats another 3 points down the drain for Madrid.

lukie1224263d ago

Thats another 3 points away from the title to

zinedine4263d ago

More importantly, there goes Mourihno's 9 year undefeated streak at home.

no_more_heroes4263d ago

Oh snap! Unexpected to say the least.

zootang4263d ago

They did their best, they couldn't have done any more.

Sahil4263d ago

WOW, Mourinho's 9 year steak is over, I just can't believe it and that too at the hands of Gijon :)

kulka4263d ago

Barca were always going to win the league anyway Real need's to focus on Champions League

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