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Victor Valdes & Sergio Busquets pick up “deliberate” yellow cards (Villarreal-Barcelona)

Anything Real Madrid can do, Barcelona can do better.

Cast your minds back to November and you may well recall the furore that accompanied the “deliberate” sendings off of Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos in Real Madrid’s Champions League win at Ajax.

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lukie1224566d ago

But for what reason do they want the card?

Idree4566d ago

It's their 5th yellow card this season, meaning they will get an automatic 1 match ban. (which happens every 5 yellow cards 5/10/15)

They deliberately took their 5th this match so they can miss the next match against Almeria without risking getting their 5th next match and end up missing the Clasico.

zico4565d ago

Unfair done!! I don`t like it at all. Play football and be fair!! Typical spanish thing to do like this!

Sahil4566d ago

Well, that is called TIT-FOR-TAT.

GJ234566d ago

Good tactical decision. Suppose they'll get a fine or something

zico4565d ago

This is NOT A TACTICAL DECISION! Come on! This is unfair play! and has nothing to do about tactic or what teams/players should behavior at the pitch!

and @Kulka: Yes Real Madid did the same thing few month ago, but that was also discussing and unfail. That`s why they got a real fine. Don`t let football end up like this!!!

and BTW: I think this would never happen in England! Thats one of the reason why I like English premier league most. It`s fair, and players don`t crying for "nothing" like we often see in Spain, Italy and France!

GJ234565d ago

It is tactical. Get the ban out of the way to make sure they have the best players available for their biggest games. It is clever. but it is also wrong.

zico4565d ago

diagre: Not tactical, not clever, but stupid, wrong and unfair. We have to stop this!

kulka4565d ago

Agree unfair cheating fine without exception Real got fined so should Barca

kulka4565d ago

Madrid did the same thing few months back