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Fulham Unveil Awful Michael Jackson Statue

There was quite a lot of opposition from Fulham fans to the placement of a statue of Michael Jackson at Craven Cottage but they surely could not have imagined such a poor likeness would be unveiled today. Quite possibly the worst statue known to man, for some reason the singer looks a little podgy and I am sure that one of his arms is substantially larger than the other and overall looks like the work of a crazed madman. Also statues tend to usually be all in one colour, be that bronze/silver etc… this one however, is not.

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kulka2755d ago

I thought Micheal was dead :P

zico2755d ago

Not long before anyone fulham fans tore down the statue again. Ridiculous to have the "king of pop" statue outside the football stadium. Thats my opinion!

GJ232755d ago

I know. Apparently the owner of fulham owns a shop. The MJ statue was supposed to go there but he sold the shop and decided the best place for Michael Jackson was Craven Cottage

Sahil2755d ago

The statue looks fine, what wrong with these people.

GJ232755d ago

It looks a little creepy.