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Chelsea's Carlo Ancelotti: Fernando Torres must improve

The Blues' expensive Spanish striker has been heavily criticised in recent weeks after failing to find the net, and now his manager admits he wants a better return

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GJ234155d ago

Definately. His for will decide who finishes in 3rd this season

GJ234155d ago

wont let me edit

kulka4155d ago

He certainly has the potential to do it but his current form is shocking needs to improve quickly

ultramoot4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Until and unless he accepts that he's no longer the force he was back in 2007, his form is not going to improve anytime soon. He needs to stop blaming his previous club for his current predicament. He needs to stop trying to convince himself he had Liverpool's best interest at heart by going to Chelsea.

He should accept that he did everything does for his own benefit and no one else. He should also learn proper humility. And the sooner he stops living in denial, the better. Because no matter how much his form improves, he's never going to hit the heights he did 3 years ago. Too many injuries, loss of natural speed and first touch.