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Hundreds of angry Egyptian fans invade pitch after disallowed goal

The violent madness that engulfs Egyptian and Algerian footballing relations exploded yet again, this time during Saturday's African Champions League match between Egpyt's Zamalek and Tunisia's Club Africain. With Zamalek leading 2-1 in the second leg but still down 5-4 on aggregate, they had a vital late goal disallowed after being ruled offside. The home fans decided to blame the match's Algerian referee and in stoppage time, hundreds of them stormed the pitch.

The match was abandoned as the officials fled the scene and the crazies on the pitch threw stones, lit flares and attacked the players and each other.

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lukie1224155d ago

A huge wave of angry egyptian people.. We know who to ask about that!

ultramoot4155d ago

Do NOT f**k with the fans. Period!

GJ234155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

Incredible, Shouldnt be allowed, but absolutely incredible to see. been years since a good old fashioned pitch invasion lol

kulka4155d ago

Police are helpless in such situations too many fans

Corepred44155d ago

Couple of shots in there air should help. I know you might not think so but nobody wants to be the one to get shot! lol This is crazy though. Does anyone know if anyone was seriously hurt?

GJ234155d ago

A couple of shots could have panicked the other people that werent on the pitch causing a stampede for the exit.

"Hundreds of fans stormed the Cairo Stadium pitch, some armed with knives, others with sticks, and started assaulting the referee, his assistants and some of the Tunisian players. No major injuries were reported though."

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