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Manchester United Boss Ready to Enter Race for £30m Rated Brazilian Neymar

Sir Alex Ferguson is planning to beat off interest from Chelsea to land Brazilian starlet Neymar. The Santos teenager has already stated his interest in plying his trade in the Premier League and Carlo Ancelotti has been downplaying his interest in bringing the talented attacker to Stamford Bridge but Man United are considering making an offer for the 18 year old this summer.

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nieuwland144146d ago

Neymar has said it himself that he wanted a move to Chelsea, so Chelsea should make a move!

ohahCantona4146d ago

If Sir Alex want him (and he should), he will get him!

zootang4146d ago

I could see him in the team with Rafael, Fabio and Anderson. Nani and Bebe both speak the lingo.

Senden4146d ago

Do Chelsea need him though? They've been linked with Lukaku quite heavily and would be far better suited to premiership life.

cleanhealthy124146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

you guys do realize that chelsea thing was only a rumor started by english press right? i speak portuguese and have heard neymar say in interviews he wants to go to barcelona, and that he wants to play next to messi. this was a video intervew too, not some made up quote.

edit: heres the audio, its in portuguese


Vherostar4145d ago

Either way both clubs better hope City don't get involved as they have first refusal on Neymar as part of the original Robinho deal all those months ago now. I don't think they are interested anymore though in him.

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zico4146d ago

he should NOT go to England! Totally different culture, languish and weather from Brazilian style of living.

Go first to south Europe - Spanish football!

Valencia would be a good club for Neymar. Here he can develop him selves. Remember he is only 18!

sokrates4146d ago

You are probably right. Its has been hard for the Brazilians to adapt in europe. A move to Spain/Portugal could be a smart first step. But, getting offers from United or Chelsea is hard to deny!

Vherostar4145d ago

Used to be but Chelsea are falling apart and don't look like the club to be anymore and United are the most hated company in the UK not to mention the fact they are getting more and more into debt every year. Players see this and that's why Neymar said he would prefer Chelsea in the past but that was the past Chelsea not todays Chelsea who have trouble getting into the champions league let alone winning the premiership.

Sahil4146d ago

Yeah, Spain or PORTUGAL would be the best options for him, looking at his age.

zico4146d ago

If Portugal: He should go to FC Porto, playing in CL. I want to see him there;-)

KingPin4145d ago

if man utd do get neymar, it would be something big for united. up front we will have the sheringham/sojlskaer - cole/yorke partnership between neymar/Hernandez.

EVO-OM3GA4145d ago

I cant see this deal going through my reasons are..

1) United wont be looking to spend 30Mil during the summer transfer window when they can sign 2-3 players which will fit in key areas like defence and goalkeeper not to mention a new midfielder I can see them going for Defour.

2) United already have Owen, Bebe, Rooney, Berba, Hernandez, Welbeck, Diouf (think thats how you spell it). Neymar would not settle for less than First Team and unless United offload alot of those players I cant see that happening.

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