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Rio raves over 'ridiculous' Nani

Rio Ferdinand believes Nani deserves to be named Player of the Year after being Manchester United's "most productive player" this season.

The Portuguese winger is in the running to be named PFA Footballer of the Year after coming of age at Old Trafford this season.

Tottenham wideman Gareth Bale and Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri were hitting the headlines early in the campaign but Ferdinand feels Nani has now put their efforts in the shade.

While Dimitar Berbatov is United's leading scorer with 20 Premier League goals, Nani has not only scored a career-best nine but claimed 16 assists - five more than any Premier League player.

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lukie1224144d ago

Nani is good but not that good...

zootang4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Better than anything in that position at Chelsea. Last week you were saying how you don't think Rooney has any talent, lol. Lets just hope Nani shuts you up on tuesday like Rooney did on Saturday.

Nasri flops on the big stage, Bale is always injured. When Nani plays for Portugal he looks better than Ronaldo. Super Nani!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

genocidegeneral2154144d ago

will you fxck off posting on every united post?
we get it , you support chelsea therefore hate united,
no need to post on EVERYTHING ><

zootang4144d ago

He follows our team because his has always been pants. A lot of english fans have a soft spot for United but hate to admit it and go out of their way to deny it. Yet we get the biggest tv ratings and the most comments in articles. After all what would the Premier League be if it wasn't for United.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

GJ234143d ago

yes he is. 13 assists and 9 goals says it all

kulka4144d ago

Bale is my favourite with Nasri in second and Chelsea should go through in the CL but need to wait and see anything is possible

Sahil4144d ago

Oh yeah, they both have an equal chance of making to last four.

@ geniocidegeneral215: you don't own this website(or do you?), which means anybody can comment on any post they like.

GJ234143d ago

Contribution to the team this season is great. Glad fergie told him to cut out the crap and deliver more for the team