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Rooney charged by FA for use of offensive language

Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United and England forward, has been charged by the FA for the use of offensive, insulting and/or abusive language, following Manchester United's match against West Ham United at Upton Park on Saturday lunch-time.

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zootang3668d ago

And people say the Fa are on our side, lol. Guess it's a ban for offensive chants at stadiums aswell, we all hear them.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand

genocidegeneral2153668d ago

he got charged because the fa felt they had to cos he got away with the elbow ^^ lol

Sahil3668d ago

Who says the FA is on United's side, you just love making big talks out of nothing(don't you) FA gave fergie a 5-match ban, do you think anyone is crazy enough to think FA favors United after that. You force ppl to piss on united.

In Madam Alexis I Trust, We united.. Piss on us!

no_more_heroes3668d ago

they let him get away with it when he did it while playing for England, guess they didn't want him to get away with it this time.

GJ233667d ago

Guess it's cause of the language on daytime tv. A ban is stupid. A fine would be a better punishment

sokrates3668d ago

People are just stupid. FA has always been against us and Sir Alex Ferguson. Cant forget when they took Cantona away for almost a year.

Maradona3667d ago

yes but two matches is fair. A good player, but not clever at all. He should be a role model. A 5 year old kid could be a better role model than him. Probably he will use his ban to buy some ladies.

Vherostar3667d ago

Wow your really gonna use the cantona incident though?? He jump kicked a fan in the crowd! That ain't picking on the player and if you think it is your insane he totally deserved the ban.

zootang3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Ashley Cole shoots a kid - gets away with it.
Rooney says a naughty word - 2 match ban

You love United articles, you are in these more than your own clubs, lol. Come on admit it, you like to follow United.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Vherostar3667d ago

Ashley Cole I agree should have been banned however he didn't do anything on the pitch and that's the difference here I'm afraid.

Sahil3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

JT did a bad thing last year, did he get a ban?
Ashley cole shot a kid, did he get a ban?
Balotelli threw darts at young players, did he get a ban?

You know why coz these incidents happened off-the field and the most FA can do is charge money while Rooney said the word not once but twice on national television, so he got charged with match-ban as simple as that(the incident happened on the field).

If you don't like the decision of FA file a lawsuit against them :))

Maradona3667d ago

Rooney is a very good player. But not any clever. He deserves that ban so much.

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no_more_heroes3667d ago

Banning him seems harsh, maybe a decent fine would've sufficed IMO. The argument is, by directly facing the camera, up close, deliberately saying it, it's like he's swearing to the millions of kids and elders watching the game around the world as opposed to saying it in the middle of the pitch, away from the microphones where it would be more innocuous (though I'm sure everyone knows how to lip-read the word f***).

RedDevils3667d ago

I would say a 1 match banned would be right so he can learn, a fine would meant nothing to Footballer especially as he earn as much as some people earn in two years lol but two match banned that is too harsh

3667d ago
ad4mb3667d ago

someone show me this rule that hes broken to get banned... because as far as I know its only a ban when directed towards officials...

zeddy3667d ago

they'll give him a 1 match ban plus a fine after he appeals.

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