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World Football: Ranking the Top 25 Strikers in Europe

Bleacher Report: Much in the same vein as the "Top 25 Defenders in Europe" article there has always been much debate as to just who is able to claim inclusion into the top 25 strikers in Europe.

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nieuwland142755d ago

Haha ronaldo isn't even on this list.

GJ232754d ago

I know. Cannot believe that.

lukie1222754d ago

second best in the world not on a top 25 best in the world ranking...weird

zinedine2755d ago

I think Eto'o should be second and Villa third Eto'o is just brilliant and continues to be brilliant.

Sahil2754d ago

I think both of'em are brilliant, as of today, they both are equal, they shud've shared the 2nd spot.

hendrikmaster2755d ago

Messi has already achieved so much and hes only 23, its unbelievable!

nieuwland142754d ago

i think messi will lead argentina to the world cup final someday.

GJ232754d ago

Good list but a few big names missing