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Taylor enters a debate about Rooney charge

Players chief Gordon Taylor has questioned the FA's decision to charge Wayne Rooney for swearing into a TV camera at West Ham.

The England striker was charged on Monday with using abusive language and has until 6pm on Tuesday to indicate whether he will accept the charge - which would carry a two-match ban - or appeal against it.

Professional Footballers' Association chief executive Taylor entered the debate by issuing a statement on the PFA website.

It read: "Whilst the use of foul and abusive language is not condoned, there is an acceptance by all parties within the game that 'industrial language' is commonly used.

"It becomes an issue when directed towards match officials. However, when used in a spontaneous way in celebration or frustration then it is not normally expected to merit a sanction.

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lukie1224260d ago

It probally won't work i think.

nieuwland144260d ago

I think he should be punished he shouldn't swear like that on tv.

zootang4260d ago

You boys love to talk about us. Thanks for the support

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

GJ234260d ago

Punished by a fine is ok, 2 match ban is ridiculous

Sahil4259d ago

I think it's time for another World War, the refrees, managers, players and the FA :)