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Video: The best goals of Dejan Stankovic’s career

Dejan Stankovic’s opener for Inter Milan in their eventual 5-2 shock defeat to Schalke last night is being hailed in some quarters as the best goal ever.

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The Hunter4255d ago

For me number 2 was better, its always nicer if u win the match also and it was a similar goal.. But it is also nice to score the same goal in the best competition of the world (Champions League).

Stankovic have a real cracker in his right foot for sure.

Sahil4255d ago

Nothing beats Yesterday's goal, but it doesn't beat Villa's goal against Chile(FIFA World cup 2010).. that was simply dope!

GJ234254d ago

His goal yesterday is over rated. You can tell the goalkeeper knew he screwed up by the way he runs back. If he had vollied it from there and beaten a goalkeeper that is on the line then it would be a great goal

Sahil4246d ago

Is Stankovic retiring form football?