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Arsenal FC: 8 Things Arsene Wenger Must Do This Summer to End Trophy Drought

There are questions looming at nearly every position, and clearly deficiencies that need to be addressed. So what's to be done? Bleacher Report already know that a massive spending spree is out of the question, unless some high-value players are sold, and that option will be very much on the table this summer

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Sahil4145d ago

Get a goalkeeper wenger, you really need it and stop buying strikers.

GJ234144d ago

I agree he needs a good gaolkeeper, i think he should sign a striker but a different one than usual. He tends to go for a weak one that can link up well with the team. He needs a strong, selfish player who will take the shot rather than trying to pass and create something magical

GJ234144d ago

I think he should get rid of the players who are always linked with other clubs. That cannot be good for their concentration