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Coca-Cola confirm they have ended their sponsorship deal with Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

Drinks giant dropped England striker from advertising campaign last September after allegations over his private life and now look to focus on London Olympics

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GJ234145d ago

Not a massive surprise. Not a great role model

zootang4144d ago

You are not a United fan. Sir Alex would be ashamed. We don't say bad about our own, who are you. Fake!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil4144d ago

hahaha.. Classic Zootang!

GJ234144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Are you always this stupid? I said that he wasnt a great role model. The best players hardly ever are. I didnt say anything bad about him, just that he has too much passion and he gets carried away. Seems like you are the fake. Your lack of brainpower is more fitting of a man city fan

zootang4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )


Probably why your team is doing so badly, think about it. Yeah Classic Zootang Born raised and bred for 200 years in Manchester! United til I Die!


Seriously, what has that got to contribute to Man Utd? We all know Footballers are bad role models why single out Rooney? I just don't understand your kind of support. I'm more of the thought like Sir Alex that you don't say bad a word about our club. You keep it behind closed doors. You give fuel to people like Sahil. Call me a fake all you want but that's not what our culture of support is about. You call out the people who say bad and single out United, not the guy who is a die hard fan. I'd be suprised if you have ever step foot in Manchester never mind Old Trafford.

In Sir Alex I Trust, "UNITED" We Stand!

GJ234144d ago

"You call out the people who say bad and single out United, not the guy who is a die hard fan"

you mean like you just did?

I have watched every game this season, First team, academy and youth team (Some in the stretford, some in moss lane, most on the internet/TV since i cant get enough time off work to see all games)

Being a die hard fan doesnt mean being blind to the facts

zootang4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

You singled out Rooney! your own team player. Blind to the facts has nothing to do with it. So are you saying Sir Alex is blind to the facts, NO. So then why would I be. I just support his mantra. If you don't agree you don't, your support is suspect. That's all.

In Sir Alex I Trust, UNITED We Stand!

GJ234144d ago

Would you say this to Sir Alex when he brings out the hairdryer?
BTW i never singled out Rooney, i just said he wasnt a great role model. I think rooney has been one of our best players for the last few weeks.
Never doubt my support.

zootang4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

"BTW i never singled out Rooney" ???

"I just said "HE" wasnt a great role model"

So you did single him out. You can't blame me for you sounding suspect. You should question your support. It is just not productive is it?

In Sir Alex I Trust, UNITED We Stand!

GJ234144d ago

Your own comment -
"Good win! Evra struggled but other than that we played well we have room to improve.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand! #1
1d 22h ago by zootang | View comment"

You just singled out evra?

Look at yourself before you start criticizing other fans.
Your less of a fan than most other people since not only are you hypocriticalin singling out players, you attack the fans as well.

In Sir Alex I Trust, ---> "UNITED" <--- We Stand!

Dont go against your own word

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Sahil4144d ago

French Connection(FCUK) shud ask Rooney to promote their brand... haha