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Barton: I'm the best in England

Joey Barton says he should be in the England squad as he is "the best" midfielder in the country, and has compared Gareth Barry to a tortoise.

The Newcastle midfielder has issued a damning verdict on the current England side singling out Manchester City midfielder Barry for his most fierce criticism.

Barton, who has one England cap to his name, has been continually overlooked by England boss Fabio Capello despite his impressive form for Newcastle this season.

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GJ234147d ago

This isnt gonna end well

zootang4147d ago

Garreth Barry is pants though, how the hell he gets in the team above Carrick amazes me. I suppose the millons City have must go somewhere just like Chelsea, to the FA for "development programs"

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil4147d ago

Barton's good in the midfield, but not the best.. Really Barton, do you think so?