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Fernando Torres- the New Shevchenko?

The parallels are conspicuous, Chelsea breaks the EPL transfer fee record for a world class striker. He is a bust. Who says history does not repeat itself?

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zico4145d ago

I feel sorry for Torres. See him as a good person, but he has big football truble in London.

Corepred44144d ago

I see him the same way. I'm rooting for the guy. How old is he? Does he still have time to bounce back eventually or is he at the end of his rope?

kulka4145d ago

Maybe be a transfer to Spain would help him he doesn't suit Chelsea

Sahil4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Yeah, That would be good for him but I don't see it happening, He'll try and defend his "BIG DECISION".. I hope he does otherwise his career would be in serious jeopardy.

I think he feels a little bit that he shouldn't have left LFC as we didn't have so many expectation with him coz we knew if he don't score today, he will definitely score tomorrow.

freeduck4145d ago

He was finding his form back under Dalglish. He netted against Blackpool, Wolves twice, and overall played well in the last 4 league games for Liverpool before he left.
Dalglish could have made Torres dangerous again, but unfortunately Torres wanted to leave and I feel that he ended his career.

GJ234145d ago

He needs to get a sitter. He'll be okay after one

ultramoot4144d ago

One small mistake in his career path and now he's transported to a dead end. He made his choice, now he has to live with it.

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