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Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger: Is He Replaceable?

As Arsenal's season again looks like it'll be a fruitless campaign, the calls for long-serving manager Arsene Wenger to leave are becoming increasingly louder.

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no_more_heroes4257d ago

No. I just wish he'd change a few aspects of his philosophies. That is ALL he needs to do for Arsenal to really go on a roll. He's just too damn stubborn to do so and that's what's so bloody annoying about it!

kulka4256d ago

His philosophy is spot on but why did he not sign a solid defender and a keeper

Sahil4256d ago

Yeah agree, he's signing like all the strikers in the world, not defender.. nor keeper!

ultramoot4256d ago

Everybody is replaceable. But that doesn't mean it's easy to do so. And in the case of Wenger, it'll be very tough indeed.

GJ234256d ago

He can be replaced. Only a few that would be able to do it successfully though.